6 Best Ways to Travel from Ho Chi Minh City to Vinh Long


Traveling to Vinh Long from Ho Chi Minh City (a.k.a Saigon) is easy and fast. There’re plenty of ways to choose from. The road distance between Ho Chi Minh City and Vinh Long is only 132 kilometers. Both of these cities are located in the South of Vietnam, which means traveling between the two places is not a hassle. In this article, I’ll guide you through the 6 best ways to reach Vinh Long from Ho Chi Minh City and vice versa.

How Far Is It from Ho Chi Minh City to Vinh Long?

Within just over 130 kilometers by road, travelers can easily arrive in Vinh Long from Ho Chi Minh City. Vinh Long is one of the 13 provinces in the Mekong Delta which is situated right close by Saigon. A majority of Vinh Long locals live in Saigon for university and work. Therefore, the number of means of transportation for the commute between Vinh Long and Saigon has been massively developed.

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Every weekend, Ho Chi Minh City witnesses hundreds of people returning home in Vinh Long to visit their families. Most people will choose to travel by bus. Taking a bus to Vinh Long is reasonable, fast and popular.

Another way to reach Vinh Long from Saigon is by motorbike. Those who choose motorbikes are usually couples or singles who want to save costs. I will dig deeper into each option later in the article!

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Five Best Ways to Travel from Ho Chi Minh City to Vinh Long

Getting to Vinh Long by Futa Bus

As mentioned earlier, the bus is our favorite transportation. Amongst many travel companies in Ho Chi Minh City that offer bus tickets to Vinh Long, Futa Bus is the most sought-after brand.

Futa is a leading and trustworthy company regarding price, quality, and service. It offers multiple trips a day, which means you can easily grab a ticket at any time without rushing.

Bus to Vinh Long by Futa is a sleeper bus. The sleeper bus has one row of seats on the ground and one upper. These seats are easily turned into beds by adjusting the gear on the side. These buses are usually equipped with a small TV screen, air-conditioner, seat belts and sometimes small blankets for each passenger.

How to Get Futa Bus Ticket to Vinh Long?

Vietnamese locals have a habit of booking the tickets beforehand by phone. This helps avoid sold-out situation and they can pick their favorite seats.

  • Hotline: 19006067.
  • Ticket price: 115.000 VND/per/way (updated 2020).

Don’t forget to reserve tickets at least 2 hours before departure time. And you’re required to be present at the ticket box 45 minutes before departure time to receive physical tickets.

Once everything is set, arrive at the West Coach Station (Bến Xe Miền Tây) in Bình Tân District to catch Futa bus to Vinh Long. The ticket counter is at No. 32. After receiving the physical tickets, walk to Futa waiting lounge on the left side of the bus station waiting for your bus to come.

How Long Does It Take to Get to Vinh Long from Ho Chi Minh City by Futa Bus?

On average, a bus trip by Futa to Vinh Long from Saigon lasts for 3 hours. Sometimes it takes lesser or longer depending on the traffic. Rush hour usually causes heavy traffic, especially after work, after school, and weekend.

Along the way, you will stop at Phuc Loc Rest Stop in Tien Giang before heading to Vinh Long. It’s just a short break for 15 minutes. Don’t forget to grab a bite or drink in the meantime if you haven’t managed to eat earlier. Keep in mind the bus license plate before getting off, so that you can find the right bus to Vinh Long when coming back.

There’re also TV screens installed in the middle of the lounge. All information about routes and time are updated and announced right there. This is a great way to keep foreign tourists informed about the itinerary without worrying about the language barrier. After a short break, it only takes another 30 minutes to enter Vinh Long.

What to Do When Arriving at Vinh Long Bus Station?

Once arriving at Vinh Long Bus Station, you only need to hop on the shuttle van provided by Futa Bus to reach your destination, and it’s free of charge. I advise you to show the shuttle driver the address in Vietnamese. In case your destination is a specific place, like a homestay, it’s better to tell them the name of the area in which the homestay is located.

For example, I always advise our guests to tell the driver to drop them off at “Nhà Thờ Đình Khao”, which stands for “Đình Khao Church” when they stay at Mekong Pottery Homestay. And from there, they can reach our homestay just by walking across the street from the church.

Having a sim card with mobile data is necessary! It helps you much more than you expect. Getting used to Google Maps helps you from getting lost, especially in a lesser-known city like Vinh Long where not many people speak English.

Is There Any Other Bus Company to Recommend?

At the moment, there’s no better bus to recommend compared to Futa. The locals prefer Futa as a priority, otherwise, they will use a car (which I will talk about later in the next section).

You can also choose to arrive in Can Tho from Ho Chi Minh City and spend a few days there before moving on to Vinh Long by a local bus. Vinh Long is only 45 minutes away from Can Tho by taxi. The two cities are situated right next to each other. There’s no hassle when choosing this way to travel to Vinh Long.

How to Travel to Vinh Long from Ho Chi Minh City Airport by Bus?

Not long ago, Bus 119 was introduced as a direct bus from Tan Son Nhat Airport to the West Coach Station where most trips to the Mekong Delta depart from. However, Bus 119 is no longer available. You need 2 buses to reach the West Coach Station if the bus is what you opt for. One from Tan Son Nhat Airport to Ben Thanh Station – Bus 109, one from Ben Thanh Station to West Coach Station – Bus 39 or 02.

And the rest of the trip to Vinh Long from the West Coach Station is the same as written above. In case you cannot call ahead to book the tickets before arrival, it’s possible to buy tickets right at the counter as well!

Getting to Vinh Long from Ho Chi Minh City by Car or Van

The second option to arrive in Vinh Long from Ho Chi Minh City is by car or van. Renting a car with a private driver is the easiest way. It saves a lot of time and effort, especially for first-time visitors to Vietnam. A car or van takes less than 3 hours to transfer you from Ho Chi Minh City to Vinh Long.

Renting a Car to Vinh Long

A rental 4-seat car from Saigon to Vinh Long is roughly 69 USD one way for a 4-seat car and 79 USD for 7 seats. The reason why people rent a car to take them from Saigon to Vinh Long is that the driver will pick them up right at their accommodation. They don’t have to make their way to the bus station and wait for the bus to start.

Sometimes people do get lost due to the language barrier because they get late or they don’t have the Internet. But by renting a car, you don’t have to worry about anything. Just wait at the hotel lobby and get on the car when the driver comes.

For those landing at the airport, the driver will see you at the exit terminal holding a welcome board with your name on. Then rest your back in the car and get off in Vinh Long 3 hours later! If this is what you need, don’t forget to contact the host in Vinh Long to prepare a transfer service in advance!

Is It Possible to Take a Taxi or Grab to Vinh Long?

Technically speaking, it is possible! But no one does that because the price is insane! For taxis, travelers pay per meter. At the end of the trip, the total costs may rise to 110 USD. You don’t want to pay that much just for a one-way trip. So stick with a rental car or bus!

For Grab, you can also book a one-way trip to Vinh Long from your hotel in Saigon. Just type in the departure and arrival spots and the price is automatically calculated! It’s approximately 1.519.000 VND one way. Plus, Grab offers discounts every now and then. This adds in as a great advantage to save up even more compared to a traditional taxi.

Screenshot from Grab service from Ho Chi Minh City to Vinh Long

Getting to Vinh Long from Ho Chi Minh City by Boat

Taking a boat to the Mekong Delta from Ho Chi Minh City is possible as long as it’s a cruise tour. This is the same for Vinh Long. Even though there’s a waterway connecting Ho Chi Minh City and Vinh Long, it’s impossible to rent a cruise or boat and sail to the Mekong Delta yourself.

Talking about boat tour, Indochina Treks is my recommendation. Within a week-long journey, you will visit Vinh Long along with other surrounding provinces such as Sadec and An Giang before heading forward to Cambodia.

Passengers can register between 11 am to 12 am at Sofitel Saigon Plaza Hotel. Afterward, the driver will transfer you on land to My Tho for checking in on board. The voyage starts from there! You will visit Vinh Long on the second day in the afternoon for a short trip to the central market. Enjoy dinner and cocktails before moving on to Sadec for overnight stay.

The price starts at 1980 USD per person. For more details about itinerary and time, check out their RV Amalotus Cruise Mekong tour!

Getting to Vinh Long from Ho Chi Minh City in a Tour

Recommended Tour to Vinh Long

Most travel agencies offer road trips to Vinh Long as a part of a long-day tour. Some other companies offer boat tours which I recommended above. You can sign up for a tour starting in Saigon within 2 to 3 days or in Hanoi in a week-long tour package.

Compared to Tien Giang or Ben Tre, Vinh Long is further away from Saigon. This means a day-trip seems to be a rush and you don’t have much time sightseeing and enjoying it. My advice is to go for a 3-day trip or longer, which departs from Saigon to Vinh Long on the first 1 to 2 nights. You will have a homestay experience as well as touring around the famous attractions in Vinh Long such as fruit plantations or the central wet market. The next morning you will leave for Can Tho and then Chau Doc depending on which itinerary the package offers.

Both group tours and private tours to Vinh Long are available. For tours that start from Hanoi, Vinh Long is one of the final destinations in the Mekong Delta after you travel across the North, then Central and end up in the South. Some packages focus more on the South, which comprises the Mekong Delta and Cambodia.

Despite any tour to Vinh Long you have, the best thing to do in this city is staying in a homestay. So consider choosing a homestay tour to Vinh Long whenever you want to explore this province with a tour guide!

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Benefits of Taking a Tour to Vinh Long

The advantages of picking a tour to Vinh Long instead of other transportation are good convenience and great experience. You’ll get to learn more with a tour guide, who arranges everything in advance, such as transportation and meal. If you’d like to take it easy and simple, signing up for a tour is the best choice.

For those who want to immerse in the authentic culture without joining a tour package, feel free to come over Vinh Long by yourself and explore the city with a local guide. Mekong Pottery Homestay is one of the few homestays in Vinh Long that designs exclusive tours for guests.

You can bike to a lesser-known island, travel on a small river and visit a pottery factory in their private cycling tour. By night falls, they also offer a food tour where you can sample the best cuisine of Vinh Long before bedtime!

Getting to Vinh Long from Ho Chi Minh City by Motorbike

If you’re an adventurous soul, why not rent a motorbike in Saigon and travel to Vinh Long? This is even more fun if you’re traveling with your significant other.

Driving motorbike to Vinh Long from Saigon lasts for 4 hours. This is the best way to cut down expenses and sightsee more along the way. Having a motorbike with you is more active to schedule trips, since it’s so easy to travel anywhere you want just by hoping on your 2-wheel scooter.

Yennie driving her scooter from Ho Chi Minh City to Vinh Long

Most of the places in Vietnam offer an on-site parking lot. You can park your motorbike right at a restaurant or accommodation in Vinh Long without finding a paid parking lot.

Handy Tips to Remember When Travelling to Vinh Long from Ho Chi Minh City by Motorbike

Get Google Maps Ready!

The road trip between Ho Chi Minh City and Vinh Long is pleasant and convenient with a lot of things to see en route. Remember to have Google Maps assist! Start from Binh Tan District to Long An Province and ride straight ahead to Tien Giang. You can choose to stay for a night and travel around Tien Giang on the first day, and then move on to Vinh Long crossing Ben Tre!

Depart Early!

Remember to start early in the morning for less traffic! It’s getting hotter towards noon and rush hour approaches by the end of the day. I’m sure you don’t want to get stuck amidst the crowds on the road!

Don’t Get Pulled Over!

A lot of local riders get pulled over by traffic police every now and then, especially on cross-state thoroughfares. You won’t see them normally but they will show up all of the sudden from nowhere when you are least aware.

  • So my advice, first of all, is to get an international driving license with you before the ride!
  • Secondly, don’t break the rules! Stay close to your lane and don’t evade car lane.

Signal when turning and most importantly, don’t ever speed! Most people get caught by overspeeding and evading car lanes.

If you want to have a fun, safe and pleasant ride, keep these tips in mind!

Travel with a Local Friend or Guide

If you are a first-timer to Vinh Long, consider finding a local friend or a tour guide to accompany you to Vinh Long. This is a fun road trip that allows you to feel more secure and enjoyable. 

The local friend can lead the way, which means you don’t have to worry about getting lost. They also know where to eat or which part of the road is dangerous to support you along the way. In case of a sudden incident such as a flat tire, the local friend is there when you need. 

In case you don’t have any friend who knows the way to Vinh Long, think about having a motorbike tour guide instead. Some of the best motorbike tours are Onetrip Adventures, Vespa Adventure, and Saigon Riders. Feel free to hit them up and scan through which tour packages are available.

Where to Rent a Motorbike to Vinh Long?

If you start from Ho Chi Minh City, there’re plenty of motorbike companies you can contact for a rental service. TIGIT is the most reputable motorbike rental service. They have offices in the biggest Vietnam cities. So no matter where you start, feel free to hit them up and pick the most suitable service!

Is It Possible to Fly to Vinh Long from Ho Chi Minh City?

There’s no airport in Vinh Long. Only 2 airports in the Mekong Delta are open at the moment, one in Can Tho and another one in Phu Quoc. The good news is that Can Tho is right next to Vinh Long. This means you can spend 45 minutes on the flight and one more hour in a taxi to Vinh Long from Can Tho Airport. 

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You may want to combine Vinh Long as a part of the Mekong Delta tour. If so, my suggestion is to fly from Ho Chi Minh City to either Phu Quoc or Can Tho, spend a few days there and then travel to Vinh Long later in the trip.

It’s very easy to travel to Vinh Long from Can Tho, Phu Quoc or other provinces in the Mekong Delta. The fastest way is renting a car with a driver picking you up right where you’re at. Otherwise, taking the local bus is available as well!

This article is an ultimate guide for traveling from Ho Chi Minh City to Vinh Long. If you’re planning an off-the-beaten-path vacation to the Mekong Delta, consider giving Vinh Long a go! Don’t forget to bookmark this article and share it with your fellow travelers!


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