Homestay in Vinh Long: Essential Tips and 5 Best Choices

Entrance into a homestay in Vinh Long

Choosing a homestay in Vinh Long is easy, but not everyone knows how to choose the right one for them. 

I am a local in Vinh Long, born and raised. That makes me confident whenever I advise my tourists where to stay in my hometown!

In this article, I’ll walk you through all you need to know before choosing a good homestay. It includes essential homestay tips and the best recommendations.

Homestay is a new trend of accommodation in Vietnam. This is a kind of vacation rental that is operated by the local host family. They want to deliver a genuine home-away-from-home experience in exchange for income. 

Vinh Long is one of the best places in Vietnam for homestay experience. Owning a great diversity of natural landscapes and rich culture, Vinh Long has plenty of authentic homestays. Most of them are located near the river. 

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The architecture in a Vinh Long homestay is a key factor that generate a strong liking from tourists. Most of the homestays in Vinh Long are made of wood, bamboo or coconut. These are long-established and common materials that can be easily found in town. 

Some hosts come up with an innovative design, such as Mekong Pottery Homestay.

Instead of using the common materials, they choose bricks and pottery which represent the tradition of making red terra-cotta in Vinh Long. This use of materials complements the traditional handicraft occupation of the locals in Vinh Long.

The number of activities in a homestay is variable and plenty. Since Vinh Long has an immense network of rivers and canals, boating and visiting the fruit plantations are the must-do activites.

Rather than just a stay, you can join in a cooking class or partake in family activities. Boating, gardening and cooking class my the top recommendations!

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Choosing An Binh If You’re up for the Norm

An Binh Island is right across the Tien River and close the city center.

This is a large rural, farming island where most of the homestays in Vinh Long are open. You can easily find some homestays with just a few rooms to largely-operated accommodations that are fit for big group of travelers.

What appeals tourists to An Binh is the location and the typical rural vibe.

All of these homestays in An Binh Island offer boat trips and cruise tour around the area. They also provide free bikes for in-house guests.

Stay on the Outskirt if You Want an Off-the-beaten-path Vinh Long Homestay

It has been a fixation that tourists choose to stay on An Binh Island whenever they visit Vinh Long. 

However, some other travelers look at Google Maps or Airbnb and find out their favorite homestay.

Some of them are just 10 minutes away from the city center. And they are right next to Binh Hoa Phuoc Island. This place bears the same beauty as An Binh yet lesser-known and not that touristy). 

So my advice is to look a little further, do some more research and ask yourself what you really look for when booking a homestay in Vinh Long!

Mekong Pottery Homestay


Founded at the end of 2019, Mekong Pottery Homestay is one of the top homestays in Vinh Long with the highest ranking on – 9.7 out of 10. The homestay is set on the outskirt of Vinh Long and right next to the lesser-known island of Binh Hoa Phuoc. It’s very easy to travel to anywhere you want with their free bicycles within a few minutes.


What makes travelers love about this place is the cozy ambiance. Mekong Pottery Homestay only has 2 rooms, one is a double bedroom and the other one is a triple bedroom. 

Both of the rooms are all made out of red bricks. 

Throughout, the family uses plenty of red terracotta for the design. You can see the lovely touch of details, a Buddha statue by a small lake or the knights lining up along the entrance path.

Every guest who stayed here before was amazed at how careful and gorgeous the garden can be.

In contrast to other homestays in town, the garden at Mekong Pottery Homestay is a hidden paradise of flowers and greens. You can see the little banana trees leaning on the wall filled with ficus pumila. And the soothing sound of water can easily ease your mind at any time in the day.

Another feature that may get you hooked is the open-air bathroom! This is a one-of-a-kind design that invites natural sunlight and fresh air into the bathroom.

Each room has a private bathroom and covered half-way-through with a bamboo curtain. Open, unique but private are what you can tell about the bathroom at Mekong Pottery Homestay.

Each of the rooms features a spacious Queen-sized bed placed atop an innovative palette-made bed. The lighting system is intricately designed, which blends so well into the natural sunlight shining through the walls.

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Un petit paradis du Vietnam 🏡

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Instead of using air-con, Mekong Pottery Homestay eases the temperature with a ceiling fan. This is a thoughtful design that goes well together with the tropical heat of the Mekong Delta.

When you stay out for so long, it’s hot and humid, and the sudden cold of the air-con is going to get you sick. With a fan, you can mildly cool down. And that is how the Vietnamese have lived with the scorching heat for all these years.

Extra Services

Yennie, the host at Mekong Pottery Homestay is a licensed tour guide who worked in Ho Chi Minh City before. She designed her own biking tour and night food tour for in-house guests. They loved the private and authentic experiences that other tourists can never found. 

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So instead of taking guests to the touristy attractions, she walked them through the off-beaten-path trip. You will have a chance to visit a pottery factory, row a boat along a small river and visit a local market before lunch.

Yennie’s night food tour is also a highlight since you can never find something like this in Vinh Long. So make sure to check it out and get to eat like a real local!

Mekong Pottery Homestay has a 20-year-old coffee shop right at the front. They made the best Vietnamese coffee along with other tasty drinks.

Talking about meals, they make you the freshest home-cooked meal every day! Since it’s a homestay experience, guests need to order their meal one day in advance and the host will shop for the ingredients early in the morning. So this means nothing comes out frozen or canned. Everything is fresh and healthy.

They cook for you the way they eat. And this is the best way to experience a Vietnamese family meal!

Useful Information:

Coco Home


One of the most distinctive homestays in the Mekong Delta’s province of Vinh Long is Cocohome.

Located on An Binh, this traditional Southern Vietnamese architecture is composed of coconut wood which can be seen in the interiors, decorations and the entirety of its 300 square meter structure.


The main house which serves as both the proprietor’s home and lobby is furnished with lumber from coconut trees that are said to be over half a century old.

A creative twist from the usual standard design of pillars, beams, doors, and furniture required an estimated 1700 coconut trees during its construction.

And since Mekong Delta is Vietnam’s biggest producer of coconuts, supply wasn’t an issue for the 4000 trees used for the entire homestay.

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CocoHome Vĩnh Long-Việt Nam

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Coconut wood is not regarded as the best timber since it’s easily susceptible to rotting. However, extensive preparation of soaking it in water for a year, drying, and coating it with an anti-termite solution makes it a suitable choice.

The inviting ambiance can be attributed to the warm-toned coconut wood used in the furnishings. Skillfully utilizing each part of the coconut tree ensured no waste during the construction.

You would even be surprised to hear that the bonsai placed around the yard and even the carved statues that littered the place are all made of parts from the coconut tree.

Extra Services

An overnight stay at a twin room costs an average of 600,000 VND (26 USD), and part of the experience includes activities like picking fruits, fishing in the ponds, coconut candy making, roasting young rice and most importantly, tasting delicacies from Mekong Delta! 

A quick day-tour around the premises is available too with prices starting at just 20,000 VND (0.86 USD).

Useful Information

Happy Family Guesthouse


Operated by a cheerful household, Happy Family Guesthouse lives up to its name making it a popular choice that most travelers would come back to. 

Even though the place is located on the far northwest corner of An Binh, the unique charm of the homestay being built beside the Mekong River is its main selling point. 


Dining in the restaurant by the riverside offers a spectacular view and for an unrivaled experience, there’s even a single cottage situated on top of the river available for booking. 

The multi-story hotel styled complex houses the majority of the facilities such as the gardens, hammock lounge, pool tables and sauna are all reasonably distanced from the stream. 

The rooms have shared common facilities and include free access to the moderately sized swimming pool which improves the value of the stay.

Marketed as a homestay, it resembles more of a guesthouse. The staff, or better I say the hosts, are accommodating. Swapping stories over some drinks, you couldn’t ask for a more laid back rural experience. 

Though most options are of Vietnamese variety, the food selection was plenty, and it is best enjoyed over the sun setting by the river with a cold drink in hand. 

Depending on the season, you could have this off the radar haven entirely to yourselves or along with other guests, but either way, the vibe alone is undeniably irresistible. 

Extra Services

There are plenty of other accommodations nearby if that’s not your cup of tea, but you’d have to forego the river view it’s known for. 

Activities such as a trip to the Cai Be floating market and fruit orchards could be easily arranged with bicycles or scooters ready for hire. 

We’d recommend contacting the place for instructions on how to find the place, as it can be quite difficult to find.

Or better yet, the family offers a pick-up service from Vinh Long or Cai Be for a pretty reasonable fee. It may be located on the remote parts of the Mekong Delta. But trust me, it’s an excellent place offering great value!

Useful Information:

Ba Linh Homestay


Rounding up our recommendations for homestays in the island of An Binh, on the southern side lies Ba Linh Homestay. 


The styling of this place is mostly made up of bricks, arranged in a longhouse type of construction. This homestay, and a couple more nearby (namely Phuong Thao Homestay, which is just 100 meters apart) are some of the best off-the-beaten-track hideaways that’s a wonderful way to experience the quiet village life in the Mekong. 

Ba Linh is set up near a dike which limits riverside views, however tourists wanting boat trips and activities by the river are still available. 

Don’t let the minimal decorations of just the bed, a dresser and a mosquito net dissuade you from making a reservation.

The rooms are well-maintained enough that even though homestay is located in an isolated location, it garners a huge number of visitors when a group arrives. 

Extra Services

Make sure to avail bikes, as you’d feel quite stranded in these parts, but if you’d rather walk around the village and back to the homestay in no time, then alternatives such as Nam Thanh Homestay might be more preferable.

Useful Information:

Ut Trinh Homestay


Ut Trinh is one of the pioneers introducing the trend of homestays in Vinh Long to tourists. She owned a large piece of land which is occupied by a wide diversity of rooms which can fit any kind of travelers. Each room is equipped with lounge chairs at the patio with a stunning garden view.


Just like other homestays in Vinh Long, Ut Trinh Homestay delivers a cozy and quiet ambiance. There’s a little piece of yard for kids to hang out while their parents relax.

The staff is friendly and well-communicated in English, which is a bonus for anyone who loves to talk to the locals.

There’s one thing you should remember before staying at Ut Trinh Homestay is the additional charge for parking, which is around 70.000 per night. Meanwhile, most of the other homestays in Vinh Long offer it for free. 

Yet it’s not going to add an extra for your budget, so feel free to have a look at Ut Trinh Homestay and take your scooter along!

Extra Services

In addition to rooms for rent, Ut Trinh has numerous activities so you can experience and discover more about the local culture. One of the best activities guests love about Ut Trinh Homestay is the cooking class. 

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Cooking class at ut trinh home stay.

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The staff is friendly and well-communicated in English, which is a bonus for anyone who loves to talk to the locals.

There’s one thing you should remember before staying at Ut Trinh Homestay is the additional charge for parking, which is around 70.000 per night. Meanwhile, most of the other homestays in Vinh Long offer it for free. 

Yet it’s not going to add an extra for your budget, so feel free to have a look at Ut Trinh Homestay and take your scooter along!

Pay Attention to Location

The location plays an important part when you choose accommodation whenever you are. Some accommodations look stunning in pictures and you forget to check out where they’re based. And you end up staying in the middle of nowhere without anything to eat or do nearby.

You don’t want to do that!

Vinh Long is a typical Mekong Delta province. And most people only think of staying near the riverside, by the rice field or in the fruit plantation!

It’s romantic and peaceful, isn’t it? 

But that can be the worst mistake when you choose a homestay like that in Vinh Long.

I know it’s very hard to know exactly where you’re going to be because you’re a first-timer to a new area. So it’s extremely crucial to read the reviews carefully, every single option you have online!

I realized that a lot of guests end up being disappointed at how deserted the neighborhood is. But the thing is that they already paid! 

Some of them are forced to eat at the restaurants of their homestay in Vinh Long. But they didn’t like it! They want to see more and discover more, but it’s so dark outside at night! There’s no street light and they couldn’t get out.

I’m not saying that you should be in the city center where everything looks the same as your neighborhood back home. But just take your time, read through as many reviews as you can and make the right decision!

Language Barrier

I don’t even need to mention this. Most of you understand that not every Vietnamese you meet is fluent in English, especially for a less-famous city like Vinh Long in the Mekong Delta.

Many homestay hosts you meet in the city are initially gardeners and housewives. They will speak basic English but not at a level that you can discuss something deeper like history or culture.

There are some exceptions! Those hosts who are excellent in English will be praised in the reviews.

One again, despite the language barrier, you can still choose a good Vinh Long homestay that you like and have a memorable experience!


You will find mosquitoes in humid Asian countries, especially in the Mekong Delta with lots rivers and rice fields.

But it shouldn’t be a big concern. The locals have lived here for generations, they know how to protect themselves, and you, from mosquitoes.

The mosquito net is one of the best ways to bring you good sleep in Vinh Long. Some homestays like Mekong Pottery Homestay will also accommodate their guests with anti-insect lotion. 

One last thing to remember is that most mosquitoes gather around the rice fields, bushes, rivers, and forests. So there’s nothing to be worried about if you stay in a clean and neat homestay!


The homestays in Vinh Long are still family-run businesses. You have a chance to experience the local life and exchange culture with the Vietnamese host family. 

Therefore, it’s important to keep in mind about their routine and curfew. Since the homestay is not a hotel, the host cannot leave the gate open 24/7 due to security matters.

Most homestays don’t hire security to guard the entrance gate all day long. You will show your respect to the local culture when asking for the curfew and come back not too late.

Many households in the Mekong Delta go to bed early, usually from 8 pm to 10 pm. It’s getting dark quicker on An Binh Island. Which means you may need to go back to your room no later than 8 pm. 

However, or those homestays in the mainland such as Mekong Pottery Homestay, the street are lit up all night long. You can easily eat out at night and come back later.

The hosts are pleased enough to stay up waiting for you. But it will show your sympathy when returning in time before the night ends.

Engage with and Learn from the Local Host 

Any homestay in Vinh Long you choose has some tours to discover the area around for in-house guests. 

Some of them partner with local travel agencies or local guides. While some other hosts design their own tours and experiences for you.

Depending on your preference, you can choose the right tour that meets your needs. If you want to visit the coconut candy or rice paper factory, feel free to contact the host you stay with.

For those who want to see a lesser-known area without visiting touristy spots, then a trip to the terracotta factory or a night food tour can be what you like.

This article is a complete guide for homestay in Vinh Long. You will find all you need to know before traveling to Vinh Long in this guideline. Make sure to save this article and share it with your family!


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