How to Travel from Ben Tre to Vinh Long?

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The road distance between Ben Tre and Vinh Long is 44 kilometers. Reaching Vinh Long from Ben Tre is easy and fast since both of them belong to the Mekong Delta and located right next to each other. In the following article, I’ll guide you through 5 ways to travel between Ben Tre and Vinh Long as a real local. 

Taking a bus from Ben Tre to Vinh Long is the cheapest and fastest way. If you are a first-time traveler to Ben Tre and on a shoestring, this option should be the first to be taken into consideration. 

With a bus, you do not need to think too much about the direction since the driver handles it. Other than that, it helps you save up more for other essential activities like eats, drinks, and sightseeing.

How to Travel by Bus from Ben Tre to Vinh Long? 

After getting on the bus, you will pay directly to the bus assistant. Remember to keep your ticker until getting off the bus just in case an officer will check your ticket along the way suddenly.

  • Price: 20.000 VND ~ $1/person (updated 2020).
  • Daily opening hours: 5 am – 5:30 pm

The schedule for buses is flexible. It offers multiple trips a day. You can easily catch a bus every 15 to 20 minutes.

To reach Vinh Long, catch the bus No. 08 at Ben Tre bus station to the last stop at Pha Dinh Khao Ferry Terminal in Vinh Long. 

There is a ticket box close to the ferry anchor where you get a physical ticket before embarking. Crossing the river takes almost 15 to 20 minutes.

  • Price: 1,000 VND ~ $0.05/person.
  • With a bicycle: 2,000 VND/person.
  • With a motorcycle: 4,000 VND/person.

If the ferry is not at the anchor, then wait for a while. Operated ferries run every 15 minutes between two waterfronts. 

After embarking, sit on the deck and enjoy the fairy scenery around. The small trip on the ferry will reveal a secret why Vinh Long is known as a “Red Kingdom”. You will see a chain of traditional red-terracotta factories lining up along the river bank.

The making of red pottery and bricks in Vinh Long is the pride of the locals. Thanks to abundant clay minerals from natural deposits under the vast watery mass, the red terracotta is unique and famous worldwide. These products are not only distributed in domestic areas but also exported to foreign markets.

The host at Mekong Pottery Homestay offers a biking tour to one of these pottery factories. It’s a part of a half-day cycling tour to explore the Vinh Long Island.


How to Reach Your Accommodation after Arriving in Vinh Long?

To arrive at your accommodation in Vinh Long after leaving the ferry, follow Google Maps on foot if it’s close. In case your destination is far, feel free to approach the local motorbike taxi guys around the ferry station and let them know where you want to go.

Don’t forget to ask them about the price before hopping on their scooters. In this case, you will want to use your bargaining skills. If you are not happy with the price, refuse politely and take a taxi passing by on the street to reach your wanted destination. 

I highly recommend you to get the phone numbers of Vinh Long taxi ready on your phone. You can always call ahead and book a taxi wherever you need without waiting.

Here are some trustworthy taxi companies in Vinh Long:

  • Mai Linh Taxi

Tel: 02703.92.92.92

  • Phu Taxi

Tel: 02703.83.66.66

Other than taxi, contact your accommodation in Vinh Long to see if they arrange a transit service. It’s great if they offer one from Ben Tre directly to Vinh Long since you can save a lot of time traveling on your own. Otherwise, talk to them to see if they can come and pick you up once you arrive in Vinh Long, with or without charge.

How Long Does It Take?

The local bus from Ben Tre to Vinh Long takes approximately 89 minutes.

Bus route: Ben Tre Bus Station – Route 60 (Dong Khoi Highway) – Ham Luong Bridge – Provincial Road 882 – Military Committee Saigon – Gia Dinh Command (Mo Cay Bac District) – Cay Tram T-junction (Phuoc My Trung Commune) – Route 57 – Cho Lach Town – Nam Vu Ecotourism – Bac Dinh Khao Ferry Station (connect to Vinh Long city).

How to Catch the Bus?

At the Bus Station

Address: 739/1 National Road 60, Hamlet 1, Son Dong Commune, Ben Tre City.

Ben Tre’s bus station is 4 kilometers away from Ben Tre City Center. The bus No. 08 is in yellow with a big sign reading “BX.BEN TRE – PHA DINH KHAO – VINH LONG”.

You can arrive at Ben Tre Bus Station by taxi, motorbike taxi or Grab.

The easiest way is to ask your accommodation provider for help. They will contact the drivers and arrange a transit-car for you. 

Remember to ask for the price beforehand. If the taxi is not using any meter, you may want to negotiate for the best rate. Otherwise, consider other options!

Another option is to use a Grab bike. Grab is a good choice because you can track the duration, distance, and price beforehand. 

The Grab app is connected to the phone location with internet access. Free internet access is available in some coffee shops, restaurants or visit tourist hotspots.

At a Bus Stop

You can also wait for the bus to Vinh Long from Ben Tre at a bus stop by the roadside.

The best way to know which bus stop to go for is by asking the locals for help. In this case, your homestay host or receptionist will know best.

3 Essential Tips When Travelling by Bus from Ben Tre to Vinh Long

  • The bus has no legroom. Therefore, you need to put your luggage beside your seat. If it is bigger than 30x40x60 cm and weighs more than 10 kg, you have to pay for bags as one 1 more ticket.
  • You can’t require the bus driver to stop at a certain destination which is not the bus stop on the route.
  • Remember to check carefully your belongings before getting off the bus. 

Reaching Vinh Long from Ben Tre on a rental car is great for those who want to save time and effort. The duration lasts for approximately 2 hours. 

It costs about 35 USD one way. The price changes comparatively on the public holidays.

The driver will pick you up at your accommodation and drop you off directly at your accommodation in Vinh Long.  

It’s possible to book a taxi to Vinh Long from Ben Tre. However, traveling by taxi is expensive, sometimes even higher than renting a car. Travelers will pay per kilometer. The total price may reach over 1 million VND! 

All in all, my advice is to get a rental car if you are not on the shoestring. Otherwise, taking a local bus is the best!

Here are some popular taxi service companies in Ben Tre:

  • Mai Linh Taxi 

Tel: 0275.

  • Dong Khoi Taxi

Tel: 0275.

  • Happy Taxi

Tel: 0275.

The route from Ben Tre to Vinh Long is a great choice for motorcycle lovers to explore the awe-inspiring scenery along the road. It will be more fun to travel with your significant other. If you have a scooter then it’s totally doable!

There’re 3 different routes for a Ben Tre – Vinh Long road trip. Depending on where you’re at in Ben Tre, you will choose the shortest route to reach Vinh Long. Two of them follow the National Highway, crosses My Thuan Bridge to Vinh Long.

Meanwhile, the last one is less crowded. It crosses Dinh Khao Ferry on Highway No. 57 as the same route with the local bus I mentioned above. This route is my favorite since the scenery is much more gorgeous, peaceful with less vehicles.

Driving motorbike from Ben Tre to Vinh Long lasts for 2 hours or less. If your route requires crossing the ferry, the driving time will be longer than the expected time 15 to 20 minutes. In case you get lost and your Internet connection is disrupted, feel free to ask the locals for help!

The onsite parking lots are obtainable in most places for free. Remember to lock your motorcycle to avoid robbery. 

For more advice regarding scootering in a Vietnam road trip, a section of our travel guide in this article is what you need!

Where to Rent a Motorbike in Ben Tre?

Firstly, ask your accommodation assistant. Most hotels have motorbike rental services. Depending on your accommodation, you will be required to apply for cash deposit or not.

In case your accommodation does not provide a motorcycle for rent, you should ask them for help to contact the nearest transportation owners. In most cases, they will require your passport as a deposit. You can get your passport back until you return the motorcycle. I recommend you apply a passport photocopy and some cash instead.

Mr.BikerBenTre is one of the most reputable scooter rental services in Ben Tre you can consider. However, I understand your need of buying a scooter for your own use and then selling it back upon returning home. Most people will get it ready in Saigon or Hanoi and drive to the Mekong Delta by themselves. 

The extensive network of canals between Ben Tre and Vinh Long makes traveling by boat feasible. You can book a private boat for a one-way trip, or join in a cruise tour to travel to Vinh Long and back.

Traveling on a private boat costs around 80 USD one way. The duration is 3 to 4 hours. The sailor will pick you up at an appointed venue in Ben Tre and drop you off at Vinh Long Boat Station in the city center. 

Boating is the best option if you want to immerse into the Mekong Delta nature fully. The pleasant trip of the boat lets you admire the surrounding scenery and see the authentic local life that other tourists cannot find.

For a cruise tour, Bentreprivatetour and Mango Cruise offer the best day trips from Ben Tre to Vinh Long and back! 

This is a comprehensive guide of traveling from Ben Tre to Vinh Long. Read more from these Vinh Long travel articles for the best preparation! Don’t forget to share the article and bookmark it to update the latest news from us!

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