From a normal household to the favorite homestay in Vinh Long of the international travelers

From a sudden visit of a young Romanian couple in 2017...

Our journey dates back to Lunar New Year 2017 when a young couple of Romanian by-passers visited our café on a serene day.
It was a windy evening that they ordered 2 glasses of coffee while looking for a decent room to book in the middle of their backpacking excursion.
As it gradually moved towards the end of the night and no room was found, we decided to host them for a night without thinking much.
This random meet soon turned out to be a fun catch-up. We offered to show them around downtown after a 30-minute walk hunting for some good spots to eat.
The next morning, the young travelers woke up with a smoky and mouthwatering lunch freshly prepared by our family. Which soon ignited their taste buds and followed with an icy serving of Cà Phê Sữa Đá.
The whole meet up lasted for only a night and a day, yet it soon became an everlasting memory and kicks start our dream to open a vacation rental for travelers worldwide.


And that is how Mekong Pottery Homestay was born! This is where globetrotters find themselves an authentic homestay experience that is far away from the look of a touristic trip.

At Mekong Pottery Homestay, guests share a decent local life with our family in the lovely neighborhood.

Is there anything better than waking up by the roosters crowing in the heart of a greenish garden, cycling to a wet market collecting the freshest food of the day, throwing a feast of Mekong food with the locals, and rowing along the tiny canal under the coconut trees?

At Mekong Pottery Homestay, it's more than just accommodation, it's an experience, a way of life, and a memory:

FREE breakfast with optional choice upon request: We collect the best breakfast in town that gives you a chance to eat like a local, including vegan-friendly dishes.

FREE lunch with the diverse set menu every day: We aim to showcase the way Mekong people eat and get you engaged with our cooking process.

FREE bicycles: Available bicycles are available anytime in the day. You can freely hop on one and wander all-around to the nearby rice paddies, lotus pond, cross the ferry to the villages, or conquer downtown by nightfall.

On-site café: Our momma has run her coffee shop for over 2 decades, and it's time you tasted the best Vietnamese coffee, freshly picked coconut, yogurt and more.

On-site badminton court: Kill your time with a set of rackets, net and shuttlecock available for FREE upon your request.

Our room is fan-cooled and ventilated with an open-air architecture that welcomes sunlight and breeze. You will find a cooler way to beat the Southern heat with a touch of nature, babbling brooks from a hand-made fountain, greenish bed of grass spotted with wildflowers.

Are you ready to experience a day in the life of a Mekong dweller like no one else?