Where to Stay in Vinh Long: Best Hotels and Homestays (Updated 2020)

Mekong Pottery Homestay entrance

You have 2 options when choosing where to stay in Vinh Long: a hotel or a homestay. Vinh Long is a typical Mekong Delta and most travelers like to discover the delta life and activities by the river. The hotels and homestays in Vinh Long gather around two specific areas. In this article, we will dive deeper into these two neighborhoods, and give you a sneak peek of what it’s like to stay in each kind of accommodation.

Hotels in Vinh Long City Center

There are around 15 hotels in Vinh Long. Most of them are located in the city center (ward 1). Staying in a Vinh Long hotel is an ideal option if you don’t like to involved much traveling because you can many services around.

The city center is fun and lively with full of food and drinks, as well as shopping choices.

These hotels are also within walking distance to An Binh Island, which is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Vinh Long. They range from 2 to 3 stars to 4 stars. There’s no 5-star hotel in Vinh Long.

The architecture, amenities and services are mostly the same amongst the 3-star hotels. These accommodations are run by families and have been existing for quite many years.

Usually, these hotels do not offer breakfast and tours to the surrounding, except for the 4-star hotels. They basically provide a nice place to sleep with essential amenities, and also scooters for rent. Talking about what to eat in these hotels, only a few of them provide snacks and instant noodles with surcharge.  

I can recommend these family businesses to anyone looking for a basic lodge with a great location to spend the nights in comfort. But if you focus on extra experiences like tours, cooking class or something unique and local-alike, this may not be a suitable pick.

To name a few options for Vinh Long hotels, I arrange my top picks in price order!

Loc Phuc Hotel

One of the best value-for-money accommodations in Vinh Long is Loc Phuc Hotel. It offers great accessibility to the nearby central and night markets, as well as the river adjacent to it. This budget-friendly hotel has the rooms built on the upper section of the building while the ground floor serves as the reception and lobby area for the friendly family who’s running the place. 

Now you might be curious as to how the rooms stack up given the reasonable fee. Surprisingly, the rooms are fairly sized, beds are comfortable, sufficient water flow in the bathroom, a fully stocked minibar, and working TVs and A/Cs. 

But possibly the best part is the overall cleanliness of the place which is uncommon for most budget accommodations. Facing the hotel is a myriad of orchid stalls, a couple of pet shops, and within a walking distance, you’ve arrived at the night market already. 

The view of Phuc Loc Hotel for those seeking where to stay in Vinh Long
Picture by Booking.com

Motorbike rentals are easily available at the lobby, but a word of advice, make sure to have your translator app ready to make things easier for both you and staff who speak limited English. 

In the unlikely event that the place is full, an alternate albeit little more expensive Khanh Quynh Hotel which is just right around the corner will do you just fine. 

Address: 50 Nguyen Thi Ut Street, Ward 1, Vinh Long.

Price: from ~10 USD/room/night.

Cuu Long Hotel

If you’re into a slight step-up from the previous hotels, then Cuu Long Hotel might be the place you’re looking for. This pastel green facade hotel has been operating for years now, and has since maintained the place quite well making it an attractive option for travelers.

The property’s location is also one of the best-selling points as it is near a port that offers ferry services to the island. The rooms are well-kept despite showing age though not as pristine as the counterpart hotel in Saigon. 

Picture of Cuu Long Hotel for those seeking where to stay in Vinh Long
Picture by Booking.com

Heavy drapes hung high to block sunlight and arguably some of the bustle from the boats and traffic below. Your accommodation option could either be facing the river or not, fortunately, both come with spacious balconies where you can hang around. 

The place isn’t the only one which feels dated though, since most of the furniture seems to have aged with the hotel itself, not in a premium kind-of-way but still acceptable within hotel standards. 

Cuu Long Hotel has been a popular option toward tour groups who can afford more, and has been a great deal considering the accessibility to great views towards the river and the markets nearby.

Address: 1, 1 Thang 5 Street, Ward 1, Vinh Long.

Price: from ~15 USD/room/night.

Saigon Vinh Long Hotel

This is the latest hotel built in town (as of 2020), Saigon – Vinh Long is a state 4-star hotel under the operation of Saigon Tourist Travel Company. With the highest score on Booking.com – 8.7/10, Saigon – Vinh Long is the guests’ favorite pick when choosing a good hotel in Vinh Long. 

Set on an excellent location facing the river and next to the City Square, Saigon Vinh Long Hotel is a 5-story building housing modern bedrooms, a rooftop pool, buffet breakfast, a gym and a convention center.

Picture of bedroom in Saigon Vinh Long Hotel for those seeking where to stay in Vinh Long
Picture by Agoda

Each room is spacious with a private balcony and a stunning view. Some of the rooms view the Tiền River, while some other view towards the lively city.

This is the top-rated hotel in Vinh Long with complimentary amenities. All beds are equipped with high-quality linens, reading lamps and bedside tables. A desk, a minibar and a small lounge set are also available for business travelers. 

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Speaking of the hotel staff, they are friendly, well-trained and courteous. The lobby is spacious and well-lit, which makes it very comfortable for those guests waiting for check-in.

Rental car service and tours are always available upon request. In case you need any of those services, feel free to contact the receptionist on the ground floor or through an in-house telephone!

Address: 2 Trung Nu Vuong Street, Ward 1, Vinh Long.

Price: from ~20 USD/room/night.

Homestays in Vinh Long Islands and Outskirt

An Binh and Binh Hoa Phuoc Island

In contrast to the hotels, the homestays in Vinh Long are set on the islands of An Binh, Binh Hoa Phuoc and the outskirt of the city. An Binh is the most sought-after island in Vinh Long, many people and bloggers recommend An Binh as a must-see attraction in town.

The islands of An Binh and Binh Hoa Phuoc are covered with a thick layer of greens and fruit plantations, as well as rivers and canals. Therefore, the scenery at these places is in complete contrast to what you see in the city center. 

It is a peaceful and rural landscape, with a real insight into the life of the local gardeners. People are natives who have lived on the island for the rest of their lives. Therefore, they can easily deliver authentic services like a cooking class, fishing, biking around the area.

The architecture is also a big feature for these homestays. Wood, bamboo and coconut trees are the main materials in these homes. You will figure out a different and unique vibe when staying at these homestays.

They want to display a genuine ambiance to tourists, just like the way they live. And that’s why they call it a homestay.

Some of the accommodations here are guesthouses with basic facilities. Breakfast is included in the price of home-made food. The families are friendly, but most of them speak just basic English. However, it doesn’t out-weight the charming beauty of a homestay in Vinh Long, 

The homestays and guesthouses on An Binh and Binh Hoa Phuoc island are set by the river. Remember that not every single room in these homestays have a river view. Therefore, guests usually pay a little more to choose a bungalow with river view.

However, there’s one thing you want to remember. You will not find many services around on the islands, especially at night. Most of the guests have to eat at the homestay restaurant without having many choices. And these homestays are in the middle of nowhere, just trees and rivers surrounding. If you look for a hidden getaway, this is not a problem. Otherwise, let’s read the following section in my article for a better choice!

Vinh Long Outskirt

This area has been overshadowed by many travel magazines and bloggers around the world. They have been talking about An Binh Island way too much and forget about this lesser-known area.

The outskirt of Vinh Long is where the red pottery village is based, and it’s also a riverside town. This area is only 10 minutes away from the city center and it’s totally walkable.

Ward 5 is in between the city center and the island of Binh Hoa Phuoc. It means you can easily visit the island and city center with a snap of a finger. Since this area is mainland, you can always explore the surrounding area without thinking much. The number of services is also wider compared to the islands.

There are two outstanding accommodations within this area. Hoàng Hảo Ecotourism Park and Mekong Pottery Homestay are the rising stars. They are newly opened compared to other accommodations around Vinh Long. Hence, you will find a new and innovative atmosphere when staying at one of these.

Since this area is new and full of potential, I wrote a whole big article about homestays in Vinh Long. In this article, I will break down all the myths and comparison amongst the available homestays in town. You will have a broader look and it’s easier to make up your mind. So make sure you check it out!

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No matter what your preference for where to stay in Vinh Long is, this town has everything to offer. If you like a basic place with a low cost, a hotel will be a great pick. If you like to immerse yourself into the local life, then a homestay is what you need.

Location plays a big role in choosing where to stay in Vinh Long. The city center seems to be a perfect place but it doesn’t have the charming and genuine beauty of a Mekong Delta province. 

An Binh seems to be so touristy sometimes even though it’s tranquil and full of local activities.

The outskirt of Vinh Long is indeed a good choice. It’s close to everywhere, peaceful and lively enough to keep you fun!

Now with our detailed guide above, you have a better picture to choose the best place to stay in Vinh Long. Feel free to ask us anything by leaving the comment in the section below!


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